An image of me standing and smiling, wearing a red shirt and black pants with tattoos.
Hello, my name is Jarie!

I'm a Graphic Designer based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Welcome to my design portfolio, where I showcase all my creative process and work. To find out more about who I am as a designer or simply chat about any design needs you may need, check out the links below.

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Case Studies

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Logo Designs

Image of Aligned's official logo design.

Aligned - Embroidery Shop

The logo is created for a local embroidery business, Aligned. It is crafted with the idea of promoting a minimalistic yet unique persona to the new brand’s image. Check out the link below to see the design process.

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Image of Julia's Garden Shop's official logo design

Rebrand Logo Project

The design is created for a school project to rebrand Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre's logo. The goal was to simplify the design and create a look that portrayed environmental growth. Click the link below to see the design process.

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Motion Graphics

Broadcast Package

The animation is created to promote a local embroidery business, Aligned. It shows the shop’s first clothing collection named as the Bloom Collection. Check out the link below for the design process.

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Motion Reel 2022

The project's goal is to provide a short reel that shows all recent animation work. The Intro & Outro of the Reel is designed with a wave-like effect, which is done to create a fun yet easy flow while showcasing the animations.

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User Interface Designs

Safe Package

The project is a fictional design, it focuses on creating a mobile application for a home security system, Safe Package. The mobile application connects to the hardware device installed outside the house.

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Password Vault

The prototype design was initially created with the purpose of providing users a sense of security in terms of keeping passwords protected. It is an interface that manages passwords of all the client’s business ventures and/or personal use.

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