digital self-portrait

About Me

My name is Jarie Agito, "Jar" in short. I’m a 3-year Graphic design graduate from Algonquin College based in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I am passionate about bringing concepts to life by creating strong visual stories.

My overall goals as a designer includes building an uplifting and enthusiastic atmosphere to all my work. I gravitate towards challenges that pull me out of my comfort zone. I believe it helps motivate me to enhance my design skills and push me to discover innovative solutions to any design problems.

Design Focus

UX/UI Design
Motion Graphics

Passion Projects

Digital Illustrations

During my spare time, I create illustrations that are inspired by music or quotes that resonate to me. A few finished pieces are shown below showcasing the full process of each design.

Illustration 01 — Mountain

The design inspiration for the illustration was based on a quote I found saying, "Look how far you've come," and adding on to the idea of what else lies ahead. I wanted to try and mix cool and warm tones together, as I usually gravitate towards warm tones. I always try to find ways to step out of what feels familiar to me, and challenge myself to experiment with different elements while telling a story.

Moodboard for Illustration 01 called "Mountain"
Image of Illustration 01 called "Mountain" showing a person holding a lantern and facing a big mountain.
Image of the progress for Illustration 01 called "Mountain" showing a person holding a lantern standing among blue and purple darkness
Last progress image of Illustration 01 called "Mountain" showing only dark tones of blue and purple hues.

Illustration 02
Little Home, Big World

For this illustration, I was inspired by an album called "Optimist" from an artist named Finneas. It reminded me of the countryside, which always feels calm and light. The main idea for the design is that there's a big world to explore outside our homes, I tried to show this by creating a visual perspective between the environment vs the house by playing with scale.

Ever since COVID-19 and quarantining began, being at home so much may feel isolating and lonely at times. The design is an attempt to remind people to be optimistic, hopeful, and to shift perspectives.

Moodboard of Illustration 02 called "Little Home, Big World" showing descriptions of inspiration and other imagery
Image of Illustration 02 called "Little Home, Big World" showing a bright sky with birds, and a house at the right side with greenery around it.
Image of the progress for Illustration 02 called "Little Home, Big World" showing only nature without the house
Image of last progress image of Illustration 02 called "Little Home, Big World" showing only light tones of yellow and green

Interested in working together?

My goal is to provide the best solutions to your branding and design needs. Feel free to check out the link below. I would love to hear from you!