Aligned - Embroidery Shop

The design for the logo was for a client's startup business providing embroidery clothing design services. The goal was to produce a look that represented minimalism and monochromatic style with a hint of environmental awareness, as the brand’s clothing designs are centered on minimalistic line art with plant design features.

Programs Used - Procreate & Adobe Illustrator

Logo icon of Procreate appLogo icon of Adobe Illustrator
Image of Aligned's final logo design

Design Process

Image of initial logo sketches for Aligned
Image of the second sketches for Aligned's logo design
Image of font samples for the logo chosen for Aligned
Image of colour samples for Aligned's chosen logo design

Sketches & Digital Versions

The client required elements in the logo to be focused on the embroidery aspect of the brand, including a spool and/or needle. They also required the name of the brand to be written in script to imitate the look of embroidery, as if stitched together. The process of the logo began with digital sketches focusing on blending embroidery items to the brand’s name, along with an environmental aspect by including leaves.

Final Result

Brand Identity

The overall look and feel of the brand stands for sustainability and minimalism. The leaves are added on to provide a subtle hint to the business’ focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. The minimalistic side of the design is shown by the use of monochromatic tones and simple illustrations that convey a straightforward message to viewers on what the business stands for.