Motion Reel 2022

The goal is to showcase my most recent animation works. The majority of the designs in the animations focus on creating a story that is uplifting and fun to watch. I focus on building a creative environment that has enthusiasm and energy in the designs.

Programs Used - Procreate & Adobe After Effects

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Design Process

Image of the Animated Short's moodboard and brainstorming sketches (Storyboard)

Intro & Outro Sketches

The Intro and Outro of the Motion Reel has a wave-like effect, which is implemented in each transition. The wave effect is also demonstarted in the transitions from one animation to another in some aspects of the video.

The inspiration for the wave effect derives from the idea of a smooth flow and lively persona. The purpose is for the waves to take the viewer's attention from one story to another in an exciting yet ever-changing flow.