Broadcast Package

The concept of this project was to create an explainer video that provides information about the clothing brand, Aligned, along with what their goals and products are. The program I used was Adobe After Effects 2021 for the type and animation transitions.

I also used the Procreate design app and Adobe Illustrator to create the logo and unique character designs for the video. It also promotes the brand’s identity and efforts of being a sustainable business.

Programs Used - Procreate & Adobe After Effects

Logo icon of Procreate appLogo icon of Adobe After Effects

Design Process

Image of storyboard for Aligned's promotional video

Design & Sketches

The creation of the promotional video starts from making a detailed storyboard. It showcases what each frame will be shown to the viewer, and what illustrations to create for each animation. The main idea was not only to show the brand’s elaborate clothing designs to the customers, but also to give them a better understanding of what the brand can offer to the audience and what they stand for as a business.

The last part is an animated version of the logo, which brings life to the brand’s identity and also highlights the embroidery aspect of the business.