Rebrand Logo Project

The design is created for a school project focusing on rebranding a business. I chose to do Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre and to give them a more modern and minimalistic look from their original logo version. The brand's main colour, green, and their initial earthy style is still implemented for the new look, as I wanted to keep it's original idea present in the new logo. The design is redefined into a visually simplistic style that demonstrates growth in an environmental sense.

Programs Used - Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop

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Logo design of Julia's Garden Shop, a locally based business.

Design Process

Image of Julia's Garden Shop logo design sketches.
Image of Julia's Garden Shop logo design sketches.
Three different versions of Julia's Garden Shop logo design, top left is the first version.

Moodboard & Digital Sketches

The colours for the new logo are chosen to be earthy tones with round edges to create soft features, signifying friendliness and a welcoming approach. The moodboard focuses on a bright and relaxed environment, which is important to give potential customers the understanding of the new brand's personality. The sketches' focal point is to recreate the previous logo design and to not remove it's initial concept, but to only refine it into a simpler look. I focused on shaping a symbol that presents a plant growing out of it's environment to start a new life.

Final Result

Brand Identity

The main theme is to portray a look that gives a warm and inviting feel to the brand's identity. It's purpose is to engage people in the community to participate in OVWRC's initiatives to properly dispose the local community's waste materials, as their purpose is to keep the environment well-managed and eco-friendly. The logo design is created in a minimalistic way to provide a quick message as to what the brand stands for, environmental growth and sustainability. The final style of the logo rebrand focuses on the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" tagline. It incorporates the idea of environmental growth by letting the leaf break out of the structure, as it comes to life.