Password Vault

The User Interface's prototype design was created with the purpose of providing users a sense of security, as the brand’s goal is to safely keep passwords to create a secure and well-managed system for the customers’ business ventures and/or personal use.

Programs Used - Adobe XD & Adobe Photoshop

Logo icon of Adobe XDLogo icon of Adobe Photoshop
Image of the interface in three different screens.

Design Process

Previous Version

The main theme for the original design was the idea of being hidden, which is why the colours chosen were dark and mysterious with the use of purple and black.

The user interface’s issues included lack of consistency and cohesiveness within the images and design, as some icons are in various shades of black or purple along with the typographic hierarchy, which makes it difficult for users to know which area to focus on that can provide them direct information and guidance.

Image of a moodboard designed for the previous version of the interface
Image of the previous version's interface, colours of purple and black are used to signify mystery and the idea of being hidden.

Password Vault's Redesign

Theme & Moodboard

The newly built design is about promoting a light and welcoming feel to the user. The interface provides a sense of cheerfulness by using rounded features and light yellow and orange colours. The main idea was to rebrand Password Vault from a mysterious and dark style to a more direct and friendly atmosphere.

Image of the interface's redesign moodboard, lighter tones are used to signify cheerfulness and a welcoming feel to the users.
Image of a laptop with gadgets beside it, such as headphones and mobile device. The laptop shows the homepage of the interface's redesign.

Final Design

The new UX provides a better hierarchy of information, which helps guide users while navigating the website. The brand’s new image promotes to users that Password Vault will keep their business and personal accounts safe and sound. The design also uses images that show people interacting, which helps promote the idea of teamwork and trust to the users.