Safe Package

The Safe Package, home security system, project is a fictional mobile app design and it's main goal is to make sure the user’s online shopping packages are delivered safely to their home. It includes a hardware component installed at the front of the doorway, which connects to a smart home mobile application that can be downloaded in the user’s mobile device.

Programs Used - Figma, Adobe Photoshop & After Effects

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Image of various mobile screens

Design Process

The first three wireframes of the interface
Last three wireframes of the interface

Features & Wireframes

The black and white version of the mobile application's wireframes portrays the potential look and structure of the design. The app will include icons and illustrations to attract viewers to the information. The features of the app also provide instructions on how it works.

Safe Package will need to connect to a hardware component that consists of a large sized mailbox that activates a lock system after the package has been inserted into the box. Once the package is secured inside, it sends a notification to the user that their package has been delivered.

Final Result

First three high fidelity frames of Safe Package Interface
Last three high fidelity screens of Safe Package's Interface.

Interface Interactions & Tasks

The app’s main feature will be showcasing UX elements that provide a user-friendly interface. The app’s appearance will focus on light-coloured functional features and smooth textures, to implement a welcoming and safe feel so users will have an accommodating experience.

The interface will provide a step-by-step process of the hardware installation and connecting the hardware to the app , which will be shown immediately once the user activates the app. The overall design and feel of the application includes light tones of yellow and green, to portray an easy-going atmosphere that gives users a sense of calmness to the website, which gives off a trustworthy effect since the application is all about security and safety of the customer's belongings.